Ridiculously Thorough Inspections!

Investor Property Inspection

Certified Investment Property Inspections

Before deciding to purchase an investment property, call Done Right Home Inspections in Des Moines to get your investment property or multi-unit housing thoroughly inspected. Investment property inspections can help uncover any unseen problems that might not be noticed during a home tour. Our inspectors will inspect your roof, attic, foundation, heating and air conditioning unit, internal electrical wiring, and more. Unless you are an expert in flawed foundation or electrical issues, it might be hard to detect these types of issues in an investment property.

Investment property owners might be desperate to sell their properties and hide certain foundation, structural, electrical, or plumbing issues from the potential buyer in hopes of them not hiring an inspector. In other circumstances, long term renters at investment properties often cause property damages and fail to report them to the owner. These property damages are often pushed aside and looked-over, unless detected by a professional inspector.