Ridiculously Thorough Inspections!

Pre-Warranty Expiration Inspection

Quality Inspections for Your Central Iowa Home

After purchasing a new home, your property will be guaranteed for up to 1 year. Before the end of the first year, typically during the 11th month of your 1-year Builder Warranty, you should hire an inspector to conduct a pre-warranty expiration inspection to evaluate the overall condition of your property. Similar to a routine home pre-purchase inspection, a pre-warranty inspection will cover all areas of your home including foundation, heating and cooling systems, electrical systems, and the roof. Pre-warranty expiration inspections give homeowners peace of mind by verifying that the property they live in is safe.

If you are experiencing problems during your first year of residence at your new home, you should start compiling a list of problem areas so the inspector can spend extra time evaluating them. Once the inspector has thoroughly completed the inspection, you will be completed with a detailed report that you can give to your home builder to repair.